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The language of strategy for today's leaders is international.
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Your strategies must work wherever you do business. We have the People and Expertise to ensure quality implementation of culturally effective business and communication strategies:

  • Coaching global executive and multicultural team performance
  • Assessing satisfaction of international customers and employees
  • Facilitating and enhancing communications in multiple languages
  • Mediating business relations and negotiations in other countries
  • Reducing global resistance and risk

Viable strategies come from international perspectives. See Publications We deliver Results, domestically and internationally:

International Results

For a semiconductor manufacturer aspiring to grow aggressively in China and Southeast Asia, delivered innovative workshops to Taiwanese founders and staff. Triggered changes in measurement systems.

For 20 multinational organizations, developed and implemented survey of international assignment effectiveness. Facilitated workshops with their business leaders, customers and spouses on the implications of corporate and national culture on multi-year secondments for host and home country constituencies.

For a South Korean company seeking to improve execution of its global strategy, assessed management development needs. Resulted in US and European business relations.

For a chemicals manufacturer, evaluated organizational and leadership effectiveness in several business lines and plants facing restructuring in Europe and the UK. Implemented in 14 languages.

For a pulp and paper company, reviewed management of international risk. Led to updates in international compensation and employment. Averted risk from cross-cultural misinterpretation.

With UK/US food and beverage executives, challenged outmoded methods of strategic planning. Defeated widely-held assumptions about stock options and cultural acceptance of reward vehicles.

For an oil and gas conglomerate, developed leadership impact of American, British, Dutch, French, and Norwegian executives; counseled 100 managers in one-on-one feedback sessions.

For a global services firm seeking to develop international business performance, built competency of executives and expatriating families in cultural effectiveness working in 40 countries.



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What are your plans for growth? Where will that growth come from?

Are your strategies internationally sound? Welcomed, accepted and adopted?

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