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Advisory and Resources

We recognize that strategy implementation can demand a wide array of expertise. It requires a diverse group of exceptional people to work TOGETHER in the best interests of you, our client.

For these reasons, KSH Strategyhouse enfolds advisors and their organizations that work with us to bring the financial, technological and operational excellence to the foreground. Some of these include: Bernstein, Shur, Nelson & Sawyer, the Corlund Group, Harbridge House and PricewaterhouseCoopers alumni , Pierce Atwood , Schoonover Associates , and the Swiss Management Forum.

We listen well and speak with confidence. We have self-insight thanks to a broad spectrum of experience and training. We are discrete and hold information about you as privileged.


The KSH of KSH Strategyhouse is its Founder and CEO, Karen S. Hinchliffe. Native to Maine and with many years of regional and international experience, Karen brings together and manages the talent to solve the challenges of each client.
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Associates of KSH Strategyhouse are well-versed in business, law, psychology, education, media and engineering and have lived and worked abroad where our clients implement strategy. Some of the languages we speak are English, Spanish, German, French Chinese and the Scandinavian languages.
Meet Our Founder)


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