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We write and share.
Having a point of view is important to us. We often publish our ideas and experiences - sometimes under own name and sometimes as part of client materials.

Letters and Press Releases

For recent press attention, read this Press Story. Too, for fun, check out our seasonal correspondence: Autumn 2005, Winter 2006, and more to come.

Feature articles

Early Warning Signals of a Merger Going Awry, International HR Journal, Warren, Gorham & Lamont, Fall 1999, Vol. 8, No. 3, pp. 30 - 35.

Post-Merger Integration - or Disintegration? PricewaterhouseCoopers, Unifi, Vol. VII, No. 3, pp. 14-19.

Leadership-Focused Management Development: Are Today's Practices Meeting Tomorrow's Needs? International Review of Strategic Management, John S. Wiley & Sons, West Sussex, England, (4) 1993, Chapter 7, pp 141-154.






We speak and teach.
We frequently address small and large groups of people on topics related to the implementation of strategy and the impact of strategic leaders in diverse businesses and organizations.

Feature Presentations

Subsidiary Performance in HQ-Displaced Businesses, New England

Corporate Culture, Strategy and Partnerships, Switzerland and Canada

Action Planning and Organizational Renewal, Maine

Transactions and Integration, Strategic M&A, Florida and Switzerland

How to Retain Key People, Sweden

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