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KSH Strategyhouse Case Results

For a non profit research institute
We created shared objectives, trained teams & facilitated implementation of a strategic performance management system: "the balanced scorecard". This resulted in redefining back office functions, coalescing an operational team and early recognition of performance levels and productivity.

For CEO planning succession We established and coached a new executive leadership council, assisted in the integration of key businesses and prepared the institution for transition to new market conditions. This resulted in innovation, new accountability, and accelerated decision-making across the organization.

For a public association
We facilitated visioning and strategic planning. Its Board of Trustees lauded KSH Strategyhouse for refocusing the community from backward- to forward-looking, reactive to proactive, resigned to optimistic, isolationist to community-building.

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Guided Culture and Communications team to develop and install innovative reward and retention strategies for a triad of Fortune 50 manufacturers launching a dot com supply exchange; and for an energy giant outsourcing administration and finance. Each new organization experienced early and sustained growth despite U.S. economy downturns.

Led a multi-year contract developing 350 executives for a global financial services firm. Yielded cross-disciplinary team culture and strengthened leadership accredited with sustaining succession and generating annual recurring revenues exceeding goals significantly.

Facilitated "myth-busting" in transformation of outmoded strategies and performance for two boards, six multiple executive and management teams. Precipitated IPO, mergers and restructuring for rapid growth.
Designed and managed programs creating new cultures for merging pharmaceutical companies and for a department of government, surveyed opinions of 1,200 and 3,500 employees, respectively. Reduced operating costs and facilitated subsequent changes to strategy.

Co-designed U.S. medical center's futurists' conference for health visionaries who projected issues and strategic direction for the next 50 years. At his request, delivered Dr. Michael DeBakey's keynote: "Innovation - Prologue and Epilogue to the Future."


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